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You continue to amaze me with your ingenious resources!!

So we are on our own for lights , - that's OK . For the lights, I'm leaning towards the DELight system I linked above. Their LEDs are $5 each "15 lumens, 120 degree beam angle, half-watt surface mount LED, an appropriate current-limit resistor and a 24" lightweight wire pigtail terminating in a universal servo-type connector." Is this similar brightness to yours? Also, any other LED can be used.

The DELight controller can be programmed to activate the landing light with the retract switch.

For the retracts, I will order both shafts, but use the 3mm motor shafts first, for less work and see how it goes. I presume the C-clip from the stock gear will work on the 3mm shafts? I don't have any spares - do you have a link for C-clips for 3mm and 4mm shafts? Any other special parts for the gear mods?

I'd still like to know how you did the sequencer for the front gear doors .

The metal gear servo on the flaps is a great idea. I will get those since they experience constant force. Do you still like the Detrum/Dynam 9 gram servos for the other control surfaces?

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