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So here are some details of today's maiden flight. Using the rudder settings in the manual will barely let you steer the tail wheel during take off and landing. My settings are below. She looks awesome taxiing around!

I only needed about 8-10 feet of runway before she's off the ground and ready to go vertical. The roll rate was moderate, not too slow at all. I think it could've been a bit snappier so I'll try more aileron throw tomorrow. Loops were disgustingly easy. Knife-edge was nearly impossible with the given manual settings. With my configuration, knife-edge felt pretty easy although I feel it needed a good amount of forward air speed. But keep in mind, my only experience with a 3D plane is the UMX Beast 3D so it's all relative. The plane is perfectly balanced; I needed no elevator input on inverted flight. It flies on a wire.

Landing takes forever because she loves slow flight! I took up the entire runway and then flipped it at the end when I took it into the grass. Flipping in the grass doesn't phase the plane. There's no knicks or marks at all. I think I'll completely cut all power next time and just let it float in.

My timer was set at 7 minutes and my 2200 Nano-techs were still putting out ~3.78V after mixed flying. I'll change that to 8 minutes tomorrow.

The only negative was with that second cover under the wing. Even with two pieces of double-sided tape, it came off on every flight.

These settings work well for aerobatic flight without being too touchy. Surface movement is measured on the furthest point of the control surface from the pivot:
  • Aileron: 15mm
  • Elevator: 27mm
  • Rudder: 70mm

Expo was set at 15% across the board.

There were only about 5 people at the field today but everyone was asking about the plane. By the time I left, everyone knew about Dynam. I can't wait to fly this thing again!

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