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Originally Posted by seefest View Post
We'll have to agree to disagree. One thing that is a fact is an IOM is a low tech boat at premium prices. Thats a fact.
That's not a fact, that's your opinion.You think it's a low tech boat because of material restrictions in the rules. IOM's hulls are as advanced and developed as any modern sailboat.

Originally Posted by seefest View Post
The amount of homebuilt boats in any regatta at any level in any class is not an indication of the competetiveness of home built boats. Sailing is one of the few sports where rank amateurs can sail aginst the big boys just by signing up. There is very little "Qualifying" in sailing.

And, at least in the US1M class, if you don't have a Venom, you're already sailing at a disadvantage. (although this years nationals was won by a one off carbon boat, but the competition was pretty weak)
Yeah, probably not, but it gives a good indication on how much the top sailors are willing to invest in order to win, and those sailors are the one that will drive the cost of a boat. And ona side note, there is little "Qualifying" as long everybody has a venom, at least for the USOM class.
Originally Posted by seefest View Post
My point is, and you fail to understand it, is that restrictions on materials are imposed to keep costs down. That has not happened in the IOM class. If hulls are left developmental, obsolesence and increased costs are inevitable.
I'm not failing to understand your point, I understand it perfectly, I just don't think it's correct. Yes material restrictions to keep the cost down and favor "kitchen builders" have obviously failed, but only if you look at the cost of professionally developed and build boats. What I'm trying to say is that some IOMs are expensive NOT because of material costs or hull development (and btw, yes, if hulls are developmental obsolescence is highly probable, not inevitable as the venom shows) but because you (as a customer), if you choose so, pay someone else time and effort to build a boat for you, Bantock claims (and I don't have any reason to doubt it) that he enlisted the help of the Wolfson Unit for hull design and VPP and foil design, now those things are not free, and don't help to keep the boat cost down for sure. Are you forced to spend all that money to be competitive in the IOM class, well that's up to you, personally, I won't spend it I like to build, but that's me, someone else more competitive could be more willing to that. That's the same problem modern M have (so that I remain in topic), the skalpel may be as advanced as a space rocket, but the high price is mostly due to the time and effort Skalpel is putting in building the boat for you.

As I said before, if you can build a competitive USOM, you can as easily build a competitive IOM for the same price or less, I know I can.
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