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Originally Posted by seefest View Post
I build ALL my boats myself, including designing a few and alot of scratch builds.

I meant by building both boats yourself (from a short kit and sourcing all the rigging), that you can build a higher tech boat(US1M) for 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of an IOM. Everything is expensive on an IOM, and its all low tech stuff. Its expensive because of its popularity. Case in point is the aluminum masts. An IOM groovy aluminum mast is $25-$30 and then another $25 for shipping.($50-$55)
I can get a pultruded carbon kite spar for $10, plus another $10 in shipping. ($20)
Where is the savings there?

The Skalpel M is another story as it IS a hi-tech boat, with hi-tech fittings and rigging, and carbon everything. At least you are getting what you pay for.
You can home build an IOM slightly cheaper that you can home build a higher tech (CF) USOM, (just think about the cost of CF versus the cost of balsa or pine). IOM's are expensive not because of their popularity (although there is always the offer vs demand issue), but because you (you as customer) are paying someone else to build you a boat, you are paying his time and skills, not technology. Groovy masts need to be made, but if you by a round mast you don't spend that much more than a pultruded carbon kite spar, same if you buy a tapered mast from Ken Bauser instead of mass produced cf spar, you will pay more, but not because of the technology, but because someone had to make that spar just for you . A ready to sail kevlar venom had more or less the same price of a ready to sail fg IOM, or think about what you pay for a fully assembled and professionally painted Victoria or CR914 (600 +) .......
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