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Hi Guizzo

I'm sure you are right about the fabric glue being the same stuff as Balsaloc. I used to use Evostik thinned with Evostik thinners before sale of the stuff was banned in the UK due to drug sniffing problems, but it did smell and you needed a well ventilated room to avoid getting "high"!

I have not tried Acrylic dope, is it a shrinking dope? My alternative has been to use water-based varnish sold here in France as a finish for wood floors; this doesn't shrink so I use a slightly different technique with this to my more usual nitrate dope finish, see Of my last five models two have used nitrate dope (Tomboy and Mamba X2) and three the water based polyurethane varnish (Bantam, Tomtit X2 and Zephyr). Both work well but my impression is that the dope finish is rather lighter and, given the choice, I use it (I've only just managed to locate a decent source of supply of top class dope and thinners). I agree it does smell a bit though - my wife, after forty-odd years of smelling dope has now taken a dislike to it for some reason, she asked if it could be cancer causing. I had to reply that since I had been using it for sixty-five years and gone through countless gallons in that time, if it could I am definitely on borrowed time!

I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the acrylic dope.

Neat solution on the canopy by the way.

PS Glad to see that you are another of the large band of vintage modellers with a feline assistant - I have two!
Sundancer is online now Find More Posts by Sundancer
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