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Originally Posted by livonia bob View Post
I think this depends on if that little board inside the battery pack is limiting the amps to the battery or not. Or just is it just stopping the charge at 4.2V.
But if it's the same than the little board is controlling the input to the battery and you are right there is no problem.
Remember they have lowered the charging rate on the #16 camera because of the #11 charging the battery to fast and causing a early failing of the battery. So they must be controlling the charge rate if they can do this...
I think something is being overlooked. The circuit board pic in post #2 that I copied from one of the original eBay web pages shows the #11 has a small IC (part number 2YL6) designated as "battery charger management" on the MAIN circuit board, which presumably controls the charge. I haven't tried to identify what that component actually does... maybe someone here can look it up. The assumption was it did a proper CC/CV charge cycle for the lipo, but now we know the charge current was too high for the on-board battery (according to the developer). But any STANDARD USB charger would still use that circuit, so should charge exactly the same. It is only the SPECIAL cable that bypasses that charging circuit and connects in parallel directly with the battery in the #11 at it's main circuit board connection points, so only the small circuit board wrapped in the battery tab tape has any protection for the cell. The IC on that board was identified on one of the #16 batteries as a DW0M1 chip (see attached data sheet details). The #11 batteries MAY have the same chip... haven't checked. That IC does have an over-current protection trip, but I think it's only active on battery discharge (to protect the cell if tabs are shorted). Not sure about that... someone here can probably figure it out.
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