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Originally Posted by livonia bob View Post
While it will not hurt the actual camera,, I don't think that a 2 amp charging rate is doing the little battery any good. It might even blow out any protection that the little board is giving the battery.
This amps and volts bit is a bit confusing - let me see if I can unwind you a little bit.
The camera internal charge circuit needs 5 volts input.
It usually charged the battery in 40 mins or so, so it needs to take about 500-600mA from the power supply to charge AND run the camera.

Its the Volts that do the pushing, the Amps just say how much the charger can supply IF IT IS ASKED TO, if it is not asked for its rated power the PSU just says OK so I don't have to work so hard, thanks.

Sort of like having a 250 Horse Power motor in you car, you only get it if you ask for it (unless the throttle peddle gets stuck in the carpet ).

BUT if you try to charge through an un powered USB HUB, it will freak out and refuse to supply you ( some actually shut down the port, and need a disconnect and power off to work again).

It Could be that the High Power Charger is wired differently, and did something else to the camera innards ... you need to open up and measure the voltage on the battery terminals (if you have a meter 4.2 volts is charged ).
The red light ON says it is trying to charge, but the battery is not up to volts yet...
Did that Help, or put you to sleep ?
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