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FBL Bluetooth Interface

The Bluetooth unit can be obtained here:
The 3GYS data lead here:

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[Click pictures to enlarge]

The lead to the program box and USB link is:
GND - Red
VCC - Black
TXD - Red
RXD - White

The lead to the bluetooth unit is:

This means that two wires in the program box lead have to be swapped. Carefully slide off the heat shrink and remove the read and black lead closest to one end. Be careful lifting the little plastic arms to remove the leads. Reinsert the leads the other way around:

VCC - Black
GND - Red
TXD - Red
RXD - White

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Connect the lead to the Bluetooth unit with the visible gold pins facing up.

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Power up a heli with the FBL unit and plug in the bluetooth lead to the gyro. The red LED will flash. Search for bluetooth devices on the PC/laptop. "linvor" will be detected. Add the device and enter a pin code of "1234". If it then asks to add a coms port to the device, check this and proceed (note the com port allocated). The red light on the bluetooth unit will go solid.

Turn on your Tx and wait for the gyro to initialize. Run John's app, select the com port noted above and click connect. You should get 3 greens lights, after a short delay.

As mentioned the unit weights 3.6g and with the 3GYS program box lead 6g. Of course you don't have to mount the bluetooth unit on the heli, you can just use it instead of the USB link, as a wireless connection. Just plug it into the gyro you want to change/program.
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