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Originally Posted by AirBornOne View Post
Indeed Ray,
There is no intention on my part to interfere with the ongoing business operations of anyone.Model airplanes or otherwise.
JC I think already noted my intent...
The collection & archiving of build manuals and instructions which prove to be otherwise unavailable.
I look around my collection of sailplanes & note that very few are 'current' product.
I have also responded to a few requests over this year and each time I am able to help someone along in enjoying,building,restoring an out of production sailplane;whether NIB or previously built, I think yeah baby!
So at this time I would ask everyone to refrain from posting plans-that's just too close to infringement for me to be comfortable with.
And at this time,even plans known to be in the public domain.
Ray,I would like to ask if you have the same feelings re: building instructions,manuals.And please elaborate if you would.
Thank you.
There will be problems with this if:

Anyone, without your permission, can post to the achieve, this is very obvious. You will be held accountable since it is your achieve.

Posting without control, any proprietary property, will probably include RC Groups as a named entity as well.

The idea is good, but, without your control of what is going to be posted, the idea could become expensive.
For example, do you know if permission has been granted by Bill Warren to post the Aquila and OLY 650 manuals ?

Can you see the underlying attitude from some of the posters to this thread ... "be dammed with ownership rights" ? Without your strict control of postings, you, the poster and RC Groups could become legally involved.

Notice: You or anyone posting do not have permission to post anything belonging to Sky Bench without my written permission.

I know it seems like nothing to get excited about, except what Sky Bench owns has cost Sky Bench in time and money to create and purchase. All worth fighting for to protect company assets. It's is an obligation for any business owner to protect the company assets.

The key will be your control of the postings.

Sky Bench ... Woodys Forever
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