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Originally Posted by TrafalgarLaw View Post
Thanks for your guide, Tom. I don't have any of the jumbo spare battery nor volt meter. However, I found out the same exact case from Beamen's post.

Also Isoprop's post mentioned that there are 2 independent charging circuits.

I tried charging it with special cable and it works! The battery is chargable now. It is able to take at least 20 mins of video. (I manually stopped the recording to see if it works)

I guess using 3rd party charger might damage the internal primary charger circuit. The only way left to use it is to charge with the secondary charging circuit through special cable.

This thread has so much useful information! Thanks all
Sometimes I charge my #11 using the special cable and sometimes with my Motorola V6 charger. Both work perfectly although I try to use the V6 charger more often in the hope that it's better on the battery.

As long as your 3rd party charger has pin #4 (pin x) disconnected, I see no reason why it shouldn't work. However, if pin #4 was somehow connected to another pin, I guess it could have damaged something.

As long as the 3rd party charger only has two wires, then you'll always be 99.99% safe.

If you don't have a multimeter to test the cables, then you'll have to be extra careful with which cables you use. And you should ALWAYS mark your special cable as such - otherwise you'll soon forget it is a special cable and may damage other devices if you use it. I have preached this many times, but people tend to ignore the advice .
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