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Understanding that Blade is targeted to mostly beginners and have a loyal following IMO...... for 400.00, you know when you walk into the local HobbyTown USA and the owner looks at you like your dressed in a foam American Express black card - full body costume (can you get the visual?) it will be easier to spend that much, than 1,000 bucks just for an airframe I swear that guy wants to sell me a whole bunch of stuff that i dont need and for more than I need to spend on it.

I owned the old Blade 400, for a weekend and I did not like it at all. Promptly listed on the classfieds and Here's why;
1) Servos were weak
2) ESC got extremely hot (too hot to touch)
3) So hot It puffed 1 of my good lipos
4) Sloppy loose head
5) Flexy plastic frame
6) G110 Gyro 'nuff said
By the time I upgraded the servo's and the ESC and gyro, I might as well bought a T-450 Pro for the extra 200, which I did and have never looked back. With the well known build vids and a sat afternoon or 2, anyone with basic mechanical skills can build one.

On top of that Blade still insist on using brushed motors on all thier micro's and even this new quad thats out. I guess at some point you get to a place in the hobby where you want more from your equipment, and in order to get it you have to spend more for the quality. The one thing that Blade has going for it is DSM/2 and the rock solid customer base for RTF or BNF aircraft, its one of the smartest marketing campaigns in the hobby. Ive had every Blade heli up to the MCP-x release except the msrx and this new brushed quad, oh and as far as the quad spend an extra 150 or so and get the AR.Drone brushless motors all around and much better technology with adaptive video and sonar. For a little extra and if your not completely sold in DSM-X as your only radio protocol that you will ever use in your hobby lifetime......there is a lot better quality out there for a little more.

Im going to trade in the other vid I dropped in this thread for this one, this is one of todays if money is no object heli's for those who havent seen it.....

Anyways this is what a couple - few thousand will get you today. Check out the engineering behind this heli if you have the time. Sometimes I think we take this cheap plastic and carbon too seriously, its only when you see some of the best thats available that you realize how much of a hack you really are... LOL

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