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uA bit more progress this afternoon. Put the fairings on the rear cabane wires and shaped one. The pic shows before on the right and after on the left. Soldered up the two landing gear wires. The wheels slip on a brass tube that slips over the main axle. This brass tube is to be sweat soldered on. The axle opening on the wheels was to small for the axle with the brass tube in place so I proceeded to drill it out a bit. I thought I had the right size bit going a bit larger each time but it was a tad to big. So i had another piece of brass tube which fit the hole diameter and also fit nice over provided brass tube. So I guess I'll solder tube to axle and tube to tube. No biggie. They provide a small washer you solder to the inboard side and then you are to cut the brass tube off just beyond the axle, drill a small holel and use a small wire or cotter type pin to hold the wheel on the outside. A scale look as they call it.
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