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Originally Posted by jdog83 View Post
Hey there, my name is jdog, or Jansen in real life. I guess I could give you my last name too, but that would just raise more questions. I'll save that for if I need a small part or something, thanks 1hammer!

I am going to primarily use this to list heli/plane purchase events in chronological order. I had a buddy named airfoil'd who did this and I thought it was a great idea.

Firstly, I think I owe it to a lot of you to at least say a little something about myself. After all, it's been four years with -blank-. Will post pictures later.

It is a rarity you'd even find me on a social media site like this. I must be the only one of my friends that hasn't signed up for Facebook. I am very pessimistic about things like this. I grew up when the Internet was just catching on. I slowly watched life become lazy. Nothing's gratifying, and there no sense of accomplishment because you don't have work to get there.(The end result) I learnt early on, a very valuable lesson in life. At the end of grade 8 i was drunk out of my mind with a friend(he's still a friend) we were laughing historically watching a chipmunk drink coffee liquor. However, a couple years of experimenting and getting into bars with a fake id really got my head thinking. Like the Internet, boose or any other "life aid" would life be as happy and fun without it? So I've been doing things the hard way ever since....I was truely happy for about a year, till my buddies started drinking there faces off to meet woman at a bar. Thank goodness for rc aircrafts at least it's a little more real.

I went to the university of Windsor enrolled in the fine arts program. I applied late, and all the art classes were full. I didn't think I'd ever be making money with art so I took courses to help me get into engineering....

I'm making more money now then I would have thought possible selling portraits mostly of people and pets. People do occasionally ask me to do really weird stuff, but I won't get into that still walking dogs for a little extra cash. I haven't gave it a really good go yet, still might do engineering... I really can't decide, I just want to be in good spirits no matter what I end up doing. Will post some pics, ASAP.

Ohhh one other thing. I don't have the Internet at home, so I mostly post from my IPod when I'm out. Most of the time my post are short and missplelt I can't be bothered to give it my full attention.

Chronological List Of R/C Purchases

This part is going to have to be a work in progress

1) 'blue hat' havoc nock off $20
Later learned it was a shady company who's toys started fires.
2) another 'blue hat' havoc nock off 20
Hey, twice the fun! (didn't know about the fires yet )
3) bladerunner blackghost (it pointed me to this forum)
Looks like I missplelled, 'missplelt' how ironic

Anyway to continue this list:

4) another blade runner blackghost to fly away the winter blues
5) airhogs havoc heli, much better than that 'blue hat' garbage
6) Silverlit DIY single wing plane. My first plane. Range was short. Lifespan was short. Enough said. $20

7) ITC ironman. My first good plane.... It was a great second choice, lots of fond memories with that one. Later transplanted the guts. I remember taking the worst video ever that raised way more questions than it did answer

8) now the trees are getting leaves, and the grass is drying up. Wanted an outdoor heli----->airhogs reflex---> no way was that going to fly outside....people started recommending I get a single rotor heli.
I think I paid $69.99 for that garbage!

9) fun starts to kick in.... Walkera hm-4-3 ... Where have you been all my life. Took 2 months just to hover it, tail in.
$180 with tax

10) i forgot, number one on the list should be a gentle lady sailplane. But soon realized I'd have to join a club or something. Got too nervous about taking it out in the farmer's field... Soon figured micros would be more fun, and smaller stuff I could fly in my backyard.

11) Ohhh gosh, I guess an easier way to do this would be to read all my old post...can't be bothered. Blade mcx... Kinda a step backwards but at the time everyone was amazed how lightweight and durable this heli was. M'eh a good $150

12)havoc cyclone.... Needed more fun in the house, the sun was much too bright.
13)airhogs twin thunder.... What an amazing heli. I am still waiting for someone to make a good hobby grade tandem. $60
14)must have been some more toys in there.

15)Silverlit palm z, starting to stock up for winter. A great indoor flyer.
16)I fly (itc)vamp.... My first orni. Pretty cool
17)be back soon
Wow! You are truly a brave soul. I wouldn't divulge this much in MY blog! You are so strong. Your portrait drawings are really beautiful, you've got the gift!! I especially like the Rottweilers. My family had a rotti, well he was basically my pup, 135 lbs and all. He slept in my bed every night, until one night he got up, was acting really strange, then laid down. I knew he was dying, so I laid down beside him until he was cold. I would have given my life for him, that's how much I love him, and he for me. Ha! Ha! He attempted to attack many a jogger when I walked him! He was Shutzhund trained so tragedies avoided!!!

Keep up the good work. Beautiful portraits
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