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Build a cheap shroud for your CP omni antenna

I don't know how many of you are extremely organized and careful with your gear, but I am not.

Having said that, I've got to say that no matter how beefy they are made, the bigger CP antennas are no match for the back of my SUV. I happen to have a 1.3 GHz turbine from Hugo that I've had to repair three times now due to transportation and other mishaps and I got a little sick of it. Enter: cardboard.

So I started out measuring the diameter of the antenna and it came out to about 3", so I created a trusty compass composed of two pens, one that is the center of the circle, a string attaching them together at 3" and the other that was to mark my circumference.

I did this twice, cut the circles out, punched the center of one for the coax to go through and began to tape the antenna to the top of the other.

Once the antenna was taped down (I didn't want to make it permanent in case it sucked) I cut out some 1" wide strips of cardboard and folded them into "V" shapes and glued them down to the top in between the ribs of the antenna. This is going to give your structure some strength. After getting one between each rib, I put the bottom circle of cardboard on and glues the bottoms of the ribs to it.

Then I finished with a turgid roll of cardboard that I found in my garage from something that once was my wife's and cut it to length so that I could reach the SMA connector to screw it on. Ta-da you're done!

I went so far as to add an OMM low pass filter on my RX side, not sure how much good it will do to reduce noise but I thought I'd give it a try. I then cobbled together a toothpick structure around it for stability and ta-da now I'm done.

Please check the pictures out, I think they will be a better aid than my narrative.
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