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Originally Posted by Mike Seale View Post
I think there are several issues here.

1. We live in modern times and manufacturers like to release spoilers way ahead of time. This generates interest and speculation on the internet in the hope that you/we will stick with what we have until it's released.

2. It's not just European manufacturers who do it. Just one example would be the 10-channel Spektrum transmitter that was announced about the same time and still hasn't surfaced.
True in many cases, but the companies with the very best products and brands (Apple, Amazon, Dyson etc) don't tend do this; they announce the new product in a well coordinated launch and within days it's in the shops. IMO that's because a) they've done their market researchquietly but carefully, and b) they've built up brand loyalty over time by consistently delivering high quality products people want to own. I wonder why RC manufacturers don't think this way?

Originally Posted by Mike Seale View Post
3. [this is the big one, IMHO] Would you prefer that it was released 6-months ago and then recalled. There have been many cases of product recalls recently and I wonder if Jeti and the others are making sure that they don't get it wrong?
Yes, I suspect in Jeti's case you are right - they are new to this area and need to be cautious so they don't have problems early on that put potential customers off. Also as a very small producer are always more likely to have problems with suppliers than the bigger companies.

Multiplex though are different - they already have a great track record in all things RC, so how come they've made such a mess of this Profi announcement? I can only think that there were internal pressures pushing them to get something out of the door before it was really ready; combine that with an ill thought out tagline and social media campaign and it's all a bit of a PR disaster.
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