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Originally Posted by MikeHRC View Post
Mine doesn't work quite like this - it takes note of the input from the Tx, but doesn't take it as centre.

Try this, power up, set full up trim - the FBL unit will give a lot of swash angle and leave it there (as still getting an input). Now power all off, power up Tx an dRx again, and swash levels at centre stick - and then gives some swash angle again, not as much as before - but it certainly isn't taking it as centre stick.

It may be that my test is not valid, but so far as I can work out this says that the FBL unit would see a non-zeroed input from Tx the as a valid input. Unless the standard "RC deadband" is a large value so that it ignores this possibility.

I'm confusing mself now
Possibly you trimmed outside of it's acceptable limit. Full trim is a long way off center.
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