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Originally Posted by beenflying View Post
Mike, just to clarify this, setting up the monitor screen is really not necessary. The gyro takes the Tx stick center, at switch on, as center of travel, so setting up the monitor screen is optional. Setting up the monitor screen really only guarantees equal travel in both directions and most Tx's are really not that far out that you would notice it.

It has to be this way because the gyro can be setup and flown perfectly well without using the program box or PC link, just by programming it with the Tx. This is also the reason you cannot use trim, because the trimmed position is taken as center stick the next time you power the gyro.
Mine doesn't work quite like this - it takes note of the input from the Tx, but doesn't take it as centre.

Try this, power up, set full up trim - the FBL unit will give a lot of swash angle and leave it there (as still getting an input). Now power all off, power up Tx an dRx again, and swash levels at centre stick - and then gives some swash angle again, not as much as before - but it certainly isn't taking it as centre stick.

It may be that my test is not valid, but so far as I can work out this says that the FBL unit would see a non-zeroed input from Tx the as a valid input. Unless the standard "RC deadband" is a large value so that it ignores this possibility.

I'm confusing mself now
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