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Originally Posted by MikeHRC View Post

The set-up is slightly different for these units - do you have the programming box or the USB Bdongle for the software? The first thing that you should do (or perhaps second after setting the servo type) is use the prog box or software Monitor screen to calibrate your Tx to the FBL unit. Basically you set the Tx to mid-sticks and then use sub-trims to trim the 4 different channels so that you get 0 on the monitor screen. You should then use EPAs to ensure that full left (rudder or aileron) gives you 100% left (use the Tx servo reverse to correct if necessary) then the same for 100% right, then both sticks up and down.

If you haven't done this then you FBL unit may be seing a few points of "down" when you think that it is zero. Hope this makes sense - it is explained (badly) in the manual.

Mike, just to clarify this, setting up the monitor screen is really not necessary. The gyro takes the Tx stick center, at switch on, as center of travel, so setting up the monitor screen is optional. Setting up the monitor screen really only guarantees equal travel in both directions and most Tx's are really not that far out that you would notice it.

It has to be this way because the gyro can be setup and flown perfectly well without using the program box or PC link, just by programming it with the Tx. This is also the reason you cannot use trim, because the trimmed position is taken as center stick the next time you power the gyro.
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