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Originally Posted by Dittsboylogan View Post
I called it. I'm sure we'll see a ultra micro icon a-5. Haha just came to mind randomly. Also I'm hearing tons of complaints of the brushed motors. There is no issu with them!!! They're cheaper, can last a long time, don't need super powerful batteries, and Ive never had any issues. When I was into airhogs I had a sharpshooter for about a year and a half until it got attacked by a dog, and even with their low quality I never had an issue with any of the motors. My mcp s has over 300 flights on the stock brushed motor. No issue here. It's just e-flute makes model that everybody wants that have brushless and barge more from hem. I think e-flits should make their umx's to have the option of a brushed motors to make them cheaper. Just my honest opinion on brushed motors.
A brushed motor option isn't practical on the 2s UMX planes. First off, a brushed motor of similar weight would be far too underpowered for the task. If they used a brushed motor with the same power as the 180 brushless, the CG would be way off - due to the large increase in weight. How would they deal with the dramatic CG change without adding dead-weight? We surely don't want them to add dead-weight to a micro.

Not sure where you got the idea that brushed motors don't need powerful batteries. Actually, the opposite is usually true. Brushed motors are usually less efficient than brushless motors. To do the same amount of work, brushed motors usually require more from the battery, as compared to a well-designed brushless motor/ESC. The weight of an entire brushed power-package (including battery) will usually be considerably greater than the weight of a brushless power-package with similar output.

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