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Originally Posted by interplanet View Post
You cannot tell me that they are not going to sell it to beginners as well, thats just ludicrous, it Horizon Hobby for god sake, they make it easy . You can bind it to the dx4e and dx5e, which both don't have timers, and there are going to be people who use these to fly them. Heck I'll probably pick up a 4e or 5e to throw in the trunk with the glider so I don't have to leave my radio in there at all times. That and how many people who buy this are going to remember or even set there timer every time

. And unless it is stated in the manual to set a timer there has to be another way to not go below the LVC, I could not believe that they are going to sell it without something like that, otherwise they are going to end up replacing a ton of batteries right off the bat from people not timing there flights or running the pack to low.
Can't see beginners getting one of these, not with the other 'sexier' options they have. But even if you're right, it's buyer beware. People need to understands what they are getting into.

Maybe HH will put a paragraph about it in the manual, which no one will read. If people flatten their lipos it will be their own fault.
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