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Have you tried it yourself? do you also recommend walkera mini cp instead? i really dont understand what is wrong with eflite these days... they like to mix trash with technology, 450x looked like an amazing copter and yet some ppl say its mostly made of plastic, the mcpx v2 is the second version of mcpx and its still using those ww2 brushed motors i mean why would anyone in this planet would still use brushed motors?! what exactly is the benefit of having a brushed motor compared to a brushless i really dont get it...
Yes, I've flown with both now. Also flew the Genius CP too which already is a better choice than the MCPX v2. It's more stable and the flybarless electronics seem to work better.

The advantage of brushless is efficiency and power, but the difference isn't that big really. The reason Walkera is using brushed motors again is purely to keep production costs down. I'm sure they will release brushless versions at some point in time though, Walkera usually launches several versions of what is basically the same helicopter.

As for Eflite, I'm really not a huge fan of their helicopter series at all. Too expensive for what you get (especially the bind n fly stuff), overrated for what it is and even with a relatively good support and parts availability there are better choices available.

As for walkera mini cp ive heard its brushless and the heli is also a bit smaller than the mcpx which is amazing for me, i really am interested in this helicopter but i dont know any local store in portugal that sells them, all i see in portugal is eflite mcpx or the mcpxv2 in terms of micro size, i would dislike to end up with one of them over the brushless walkera version but if i have no choice what can i say...
If anyone could help me find a way to buy the walkera mini cp i would be gratefull also, can anyone make sense of why eflite still uses brushed motor on the second version of their best micro 3D helicopter? im very curious, all i know about brushed is that youll either buy 1 every month or else ull end up with almost no performance left...
I think you probably can use PayPal and buy through Ehirobo (Hong Kong based though). What exactly is your limitation when it comes to ordering? Perhaps you can email them if you want to arrange for a different method of payment, they're good people.
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