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Originally Posted by RealGambler View Post
I tried full brake, but the prop still create a drag. It's much better to simply give some throttle (something along 5%) which you know doesn't propulse the airplane but simply cancel the drag totally. And again, I would like to see a report of a Stryker gaining altidude with thermal (and 5% thottle). Definitively not the best one for practicing, though I agree, it does glide DOWN very well and slow.
Personally I don't like to leave the prop turning, it slows it down too much. With the prop stopped it glides quicker and can zip around to try and find lift. If I find lift I give it some up elevator to hold it there. But more power to you if that's your preference Darned near anything will climb if you can find good lift, I've even had a Kinkade ornithopter get caught in a thermal and climb out, and those things drop like a rock when they're not flapping. And yes, I've had the Stryker climb in a thermal with no throttle as well. But not for long before I bailed into a spin, because it gets too small too fast. But the Stryker is obviously not a dedicated sailplane and isn't going to render 15 minute power off glides without unusually strong thermal activity present. The ASK-21 should be a lot better for that. Hope to find out soon

PS, not to make it sound like I take the Stryker out just for thermaling, that's not the case. I mostly fly it down low and do aerobatics with it, but for a break now and then I'll send it up high and play around to see how long I can keep it flying with no power. I do that with a bunch of my planes just for grins
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