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I am not a Sergio or Eclipse owner, but I have had several similar problems on both sailplanes and parkflyers.

When you have an undesired inverse control surface deflection while mixing functions you generally need to reprogram the Tx for the appropriate +/- mixing more often than you need to reorient the servo or linkage.

I have typically met with very bad results when I try to add positive camber to outboard or full span ailerons. Airliners may use mild positive camber for outboard TE surfaces on landing - but they only do this in conjunction with extending the LE. Most often they only use auxillary control surfaces on the top of the wing while they are in this positive camber landing configuration.

Long story short, figure out your radio mixing settings on the bench and DO NOT experiment with full span positive camber until you have sorted everything out and are 'several mistakes high'.


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