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S.C. Tailor
S.C. Tailor
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Curtek Lights - Strobe - Warning and Nav lights for RC

I have recently installed a Curtek lighting system ( in
my latest bash, and I would like to share my experience. This heart
of this system is a small, durable controller board with 3 channels
with multiple connections for each channel (*continuous current,
*strobe, and *remotely triggered continuous current). The remotely
triggered output works by using any channel of your reciever,
typically the throttle, to activate a continuous current the lighting
controller. This channel can also be used to activate a micro relay
to control anything you can image. One perfect application would be
to hook the retracts to the landing light channel.

In Action: This system is absolutely striking and mesmerizing to
experience. The 'Learjet Combo' features 9 lights that closely mimic
the full scale lights of jet airliners. The lights are extremely
bright and have an obtuse viewing range with extreme visibility toward
the 60^ of light deflection- except for the very narrow landing lights
which are like little spot lights. The wiring is tight and the
connections are very clean and solid.

I recommend the Curtek lighting system to anyone who is interested in
running lights. The lights can extend visibility in daylight too.

Curtek's weak point is communication and order processing- which
should improve in time. Emails typically take a few days to be
answered, and your order may take 4 or more business days to ship. If
you order from Curtek, expect this and you will not be disapointed.
The kits are custom made, which takes time, but your order will get
processed. I will install one of these systems in every kit that I
build from now on.

S. Tailor