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My first crash!

This is the tree I decided to smash my tri into for it's first crash. Well, no it wasn't on purpose, but I knew it would happen at some point. I'm still getting used to the difference in response between my Trex and this Tri. There is a lot more airframe for the motors to sling around with the Tri, plus the whole approach is supposed to favor stability and smoothness of flight over acrobatic responsiveness. Soooo...I didn't react quickly enough as I came towards the tree and smacked into to it head arm leading the way.

Results? Front right motor zipties snapped. The motor was still hanging by its barrel connectors:

The arms stayed mostly extended, although the right arm started folding about 2 mm or so:

The prop was also compromised (see stress mark near hub):

And how did the RCE Tri do in terms of recovery?
  • Reconnected the motor with 2 new zipties...3 minutes, 0$
  • Drilled out, balanced and installed a new prop...7 minutes, $0.25

I was in the air finishing my pack in about 15 minutes. If I'd crashed my Trex into that tree, I would have been replacing one or both blades, probably the flybar, probably the main shaft, to a tune of about $25, and at least an hour of build and test time.

Let's just say that I am very pleased with my first crash. Lol, I know that sounds kind of wierd.
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