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Here is the first part cut out. It is 1/8" ply. My intent is to build a pod that fastens to the top that will house the ESC and the battery so that they're not just hanging out in the wind. If I size things properly, then I shouldn't have to worry about too much heat. Might even figure a way to get a heat sink installed that gets out into the wind, but is streamlined so it doesn't generate much drag.

Anyway, I plan on putting a 1/16" ply piece on each side of the 1/8" piece, but they will stop at the top of the wing and bottom of the pod. After I glue on the first piece, I'll cut a slot in the 1/8" piece to run my ESC lead down to the RX. Then I'll glue on the other side. That will give me a sturdy mount, but with a channel for running my leads. (This is exactly how it's done on the Polaris power pod, except in plywood.)

I'm figuring on some 1/16" by about 1" wide ply to lay flat on the wing on either side of the vertical piece. I'll use some tri stock to connect that ply to the vertical and also the vertical to the bottom of the pod.

Okay, that's all in my head now. Time to go off and pick up materials and see how things work out.

Oh, and I still haven't decided on the power plant. I need to figure that out before building the actual pod. I should be able to run at least a 6" prop, though.

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