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My Polaris survived her maiden!

It was a bit windier than I would have liked but I took her out to the airfield anyway. A couple of flying buddies talked me into running up the motor on the ground and scooting along the beach sand. Before I knew it she was in the air.

She flew nicely and tracked well despite the gusty winds. The first landing was a bit heavy but the next two were as smooth as a baby's bum. Power-on landings are the way to go.

I actually thought she would go a bit faster but I'm not sure if thats just my perception as I'm used to flying smaller planes. Everything held up very well except the motor mount. After the third landing the motor mount had half pulled away from the nacelle. I've pulled it all the way off, epoxied two strips of light ply down the inside of the nacelle and epoxied the whole thing back together. We'll see how is all holds up next time. I suspect I have a bit of vibration, perhaps from an unbalanced prop. I'll have a closer look before I put her up again.

All in all, couldnt have been better, three take-offs, 3 landings and a potential crash averted from a weak motor mount. I'd say thats a good maiden.
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