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Originally Posted by chainlink View Post
I have no indoor field. Seems like Saturday morning after Saturday morning I would look out the window and it would look calm - only to go to the field and have a slight 10 mph breeze. When I did try to fly the P51, I would struggled getting it upwind, bouncing it all over the place as it went.

I grew up flying 40-60 nitro and 2 meter sailplanes. When I finally went electric, it was straight to overpowered lipo/brushless. My 50 watt, 4.5oz 20" cmw had no issues with 10mph winds and 20mph would just bump it around a little. My blue albacore at 100 watts hardly notices wind.

The P51 has just been too environmentally picky for me. In one year, I have 3 days at the field I felt were marginally calm enough. Out of those, I have managed 1 full flight - the other two I have simple landed early as I was not enjoying the work required to fight even the lightest of breezes.

I really hope the AS3X can help the Spitfire outside. I hope to see a complete line of these made. That said, I think the um line is more targeted to indoor flying and the umx is ultimately going to be more enjoyably flyable outdoors. Both will have some crossover, but 3x the power will help when the wind blows.
Hmmm, at the risk of biting on a set hoook ... I have (3) UM's (Beast V1, Sukoi XP and Mosquito) and have done a lot of flying on them as well as the UM P-51 and T-28 and have never flow ANY of them indoors. Usually have a bit of wind to a fair bit of wind and find them to be a TON of fun to fly around here. More fun when calmer, but still no issues to fly any of them really in light to medium winds. (Well, the Mossie isn't as much fun in anything over 5 mph or so, but the others handle much more very well.)

Just my experience. I am no "expert" flyer, but really enjoy these birds. I think adding the AS3X should revolutionize UM flying. Can't wait to try it.

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