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Proboat 47' MLB US Coast Guard rebuild of the motor life boat

This has been a GREAT boat - right out of the box.

The Proboat 47' Motor Life Boat (MLB) sporting US Coast Guard colors.

I figured since it's been about a year now - and the relatively recent purchase of another one - I'd do a little something different. I've seen others rebuild their MLB's and the results were amazing. Vspeeds SFPD, Mr Legos/ Cape Caution (paramedic)... and others builders, I had to try something too.

So, I'm setting out to start a build thread seeing they are becoming more popular now (have been out of production since (what? ...around 2008)) and in case someone else plans on a rebuild of their own.

This boat started out as an ebay sale. "New" never used and what Hobb-e-mart listed as "the best one we have ever seen pass thru our store". Also the last one they have sold complete since. They were right. Upon arrival - it was incredibly nice (detailed) and aside some small shipping damage, (couple cleats fell off and the life float cracked) it was perfect.

The cleats were easily returned back to their locations. The top of the life float is made out of very thin styrene sheet will break (crack) easily. I actually had plans to add a motor to make the radar beacon rotate anyway which would mean cutting this part open.

Instead UPS did it for me with their careless handling. But before working on it, a bandaid repair and set it out to the water. I had to make sure it ran first. And as anticipated, it performed flawlessly. Sharp cut turns (this boat really commands digging into turns), fast ...and looked great on the water.

Soon it will have a new look. New color scheme. And a few details that the stock version didn't come with.

More to follow.
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