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After replacing many of the stock parts, I finally got my Ventus in reasonably good flying shape. Went out and flew her about 6 launches just before a rainy cold front came through here. My cg was way forward, so I had to use all my up trim for a decent glide.

To correct CG, rather than adding useless lead, I mounted a key cam on top of the horizontal stab. We'll see how that works out.

I think this plane will fly reasonably well, but probably won't thermal without medium to strong lift. There will be a learning curve as with any new plane, but she really looks good in flight. I expected her to hold her speed better for loops and such, but was a little disappointed there. Perhaps most foamies are not good at holding energy due to drag.

Since the maiden, I had cut the hinges on the ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevator because they were way too stiff and needed more throw. I left three sections uncut, about 1.5 inches on each surface. Wish I had seen the idea about the little perforating wheel up-thread. That's probably better than slicing away part of the foam hinges. I may end up taping the hinges for safety. Something had to be done because on the maiden a few weeks ago there was not nearly enough throw on any of the controls.

I fly a Radian Pro, which initially had many complaints about lack of roll authority. Now the RP seems twitchy in comparison to the Ventus. That said, twitchy is not a natural look for this scale sailplane. It has a very good scale look in flight, but as such it requires you to stay ahead of the plane. It also requires more rudder use than does the Radian Pro, mostly because of the scale (small) ailerons.

It's not a floater, but it has a reasonably good glide slope, and I hope to get her up in some good thermals real soon. Will report and post any onboard videos.
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