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I decided to stop with the cheap ones and just bought a used Losi Micro DT for $50. Now I can fix and/or upgrade everything.

Originally Posted by x5252x View Post
Okay so it arrived today and here are my initial impressions.

The steering is not proportional and it was basically impossible to keep it in a straight line unless already lined up in the corridor I was using it in, the reason for this is that the steering is full lock and because this thing can go quite fast, it just smacked into the wall each time you move the steer joystick.

The throttle trim is basically the same as trimming a servo, so if you press the forward trim button lots the dead zone will actually be going forward.

The throttle seems to have two options, either full throttle or "proportional", full throttle is insanely quick and puts the full power down after about a half second of slow moving, probably so it doesn't just spin out straight away. The "proportional" basically starts really slow and rather quick builds up to the high speed which is determined by pressing R2 and L2, I don't think the throttle is fully proportional though, if you keep the joystick half way it will go slowly, but if you push it any more it just builds up to the set top speed.

The motor is of reasonable size and has some torque, but it does seem to get quite warm, nothing to worry about though.

The steering linkages are appalling and have already snapped on mine, I have taken the car apart and I think I might be able to replace them, but it isn't going to be very easy.

The battery is a LiPo, and claims to be 120mAH.

The control board is 40MHz on the one I received which is blue.

The tyres will not last that long, I have only used it for 10 minutes or so and they are already showing a reasonable amount of wear. This is to be expected as they are only made of foam, but the original car in this topic has rubber tyres so will probably last a lot longer. It does however have a set of rather thick spare tyres which look ridiculous on the car, but will obviously last a lot longer and wear down to a more sensible size.

I am thinking of converting it to 2.4GHz but need to think of a way to make the steering proportional, it is controlled by a motor that has a gear on it and simply turns, which meshes with the piece of plastic connecting the wheels, so somehow need to attach a pot to something.

It seems like a fun car, but I think you need a reasonable area to use it in, unless you set the speed to a lower setting. You also need to be careful about crashing unless I can find a way to replace the linkages, I am hoping to use zip ties but like I say, I don't think it will be easy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Upon further investigation I believe the steering linkage was actually faulty when I received it, I never thought to check it. Only one has broken, and I have been trying to break the other with with hands, but it seems way too flexible to actually snap in the situation. I think zip ties may be much too thick to use as replacements, but I will give it a go when I find some. The plastic appears to be more of a margarine lid kind of thickness and flexibility, so I might also try use that.
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