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Originally Posted by lennyboy View Post
I hope you don't mind Daedalus look what I found on Utube,,
Just had to share,,looks like infred problems??
But the name???Hummmmmm are you related???
Great little NURF tecto- toy Huh???
No relation to me. That's a bunch of employees of a Swedish firm (Epsilon in Malmo) doing stuff in their own time. Looks like they are better designers than pilots!
The Daedalus name is an obvious one for anyone who likes to make flying things. Daedalus was the smart old guy who made wings for himself and his son Icarus to escape from Crete, where King Minos had them imprisoned. Of course, young Icarus got carried away, flew too high and let the sun melt the wax that attached the feathers, so fell into the sea. There have been quite a few models called Icarus, but I don't like to be associated with crashes!

Neat little gadget. I gather they are going to sell them or make them available somehow.
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