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Originally Posted by Daedalus66 View Post
The reason for the ambiguous title is that lately the snow has been extremely icy, which doesn't make for enjoyable flying. The weather has been pretty poor for flying ever since Christmas, and I've only had three flights in 2012.

You'll see what I'm talking about towards the end of this one.

This was a test of my gunsight aiming system for the hatcam. That's a fancy name for a wire with a loop on the end that enables me to aim the camera by looking with my right eye through the loop.

Last time I tried it, I got so obsessed with aiming the camera that I flew the Polaris into a tree. I still haven't repaired the damage incurred while retrieving it with a long pole, but it wasn't too serious.

This is my old original Polaris, now going into its fourth season. Much repaired and slightly heavier than in its prime, but it still flies almost as well as ever. The "almost" part is because with all the repairs (mostly a result of radio issues) the model is no longer true and needs both aileron and rudder offset to fly straight. Consequently, it doesn't track quite right through loops, etc. But it's still a pleasure to fly.

The radio in this case is a Turnigy 9x transmitter with FrSky telemetry module and a D6FR receiver. I haven't yet heard and sign of weak signal from the warning system. I upgraded the firmware in the transmitter to the wonderfully flexible ER9x system.

Hoping for some nice soft new snow to cover the hard and slippery ice crust. New soft, cold snow is the next best thing to water for enjoyable touch-and -
I hope you don't mind Daedalus look what I found on Utube,,
Just had to share,,looks like infred problems??
But the name???Hummmmmm are you related???
Great little NURF tecto- toy Huh???

CrazyFlie flight (3 min 0 sec)
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