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Originally Posted by nemoskull View Post
i got the spitfire email today. not real happy. i was hoping for a light weight plane. 49 grams is a little heavy for me, for a single. i dont like gyros, unless im flying in a wind storm. then it might be fun. it would have been ordered if it had an ar6400. i dont like hand outs, ( and a gyro is a hand out. not for me)
Have you flown the Beast 3D? All I can tell you is that when I fly it, I don't feel the gyro... I could be flying my old Beast if I didn't knew it! The biggest difference between my old Beast and the new one, is when I land, and check how strong the wind was. With the new Beast, I always jump when I discover that there was that much wind!

I suspect it will be the same with the Spitfire... I still fly my good old Mustangs (I have two!) everynow and then and would really like the AS3X tech in them now. If the gyro does the same thing to the Spitfire than on my Beast 3D, it will look a lot more scale since it won't be bullied around by the smallest wind.
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