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Originally Posted by pugsam View Post
To tell the truth, I've never quite gotten the relationship among HH and its associated brands: ParkZone, E-flite, Hanger 9, and whatever other affiliates they have.

What are they? Separate competitors, but with a unified marketing effort? Different design bureaus, like Mikoyan (and Gurvich, "MiG"), Yak, and Sukhoi? Subsidiares of a single corporate parent? Incestuous cousins?

Horizon Hobby is the parent to them all, I believe. (Including Spectrum, JR, Blade, etc.) They are each targeting a specific SEGMENT or market within the RC world.

Hobby Zone - Total entry level, casual user, very much for the beginner flyer.

Parkzone - Meant for beginner to intermediate PARK FLYER crowd. Foamies, price point in the $200 to $250 range, so very much lower end. UM in this line are also the brushed, more economical UM line up, $90 to $120 sort of price point. BNF and RTF rules this area.

Eflite - Meant for intermediate to advanced flyers. All electric, but you get bigger, badder planes, some Z-foam and Carbon Z, mostly balsa, and more money. ARF is the rule here and the Price Point is around $220 or upward for the ARF which you still have to kit out with electonics, etc., so more cash. (Hurricane and Carbon Z Yak are exceptions, 25 size, BNF style Zfoam but cheaper than most Eflite when you consider electronics.) The UMX offerings are the Brushless micros and are generally bit higher price point, $150 ish range, but VERY cool.

Hanger 9 - The Big Stuff. Everything from 40 and 50 size balsa ARF's to giant scale kit planes and ARF's. Prices can go from $220 for the ARF (plus your electronics) up to $1200 or more just for the kit. Gas, Glow and Larger Electrics are the options. Definately for the more serious hobbies, and not your park flyer crowd.

They also have other lines like Seagull which are KIT planes, etc., but that's their plankers for the most part.

There is also the BLADE helicopter line.

Then there is the whole water and ground line ups which are extensive as well.

Pretty much you name it, Horizon Hobby is into it if it's RC, with a specific product line for all segments of the hobby. Pretty cool company, IMO.

Hope I have done it justice and that this helps clarify it for you.



Ooops, CHuck beat me to it, probably better explanation too!
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