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Originally Posted by LavaRed View Post
Yes, I did say 1/4" armoured steel plate. I've actually tested it and it will stop most pistol rounds up to .44 magnum out of a carbine. Of course I plan to protect the electronics with a further layer of kevlar planels. And I might go 1/2" armour steel on the front glacis plate and front turret plate, if the panels I have are the right size.

I'm estimating a finished weight of around 200 lbs total.

I want this beast to be virtually indestructible. The torsion bar suspension is going to be made from actual machined stainless spring steel.
What a fascinating project..

Couple of questions, why is bullet proof a requirement? 1/4" steel plate is going to be heavy, I also agree you may want to revise your weight estimate. I have a 1/10 scale King Tiger that is mostly cast aluminum, which also is about 1/4" thick on average and it weighs around 90 pounds.

Lastly, the cast iron tracks will effectively defeat your steel plate because unlike
armor plate cast iron tracks won't be bullet proof. If you mistyped and meant to say "cast in steel" kudos to you as this will be one heck of an expensive project!

You might consider lowering your sights a few clicks fir your first project but hey,
may as well go all in.....


Good luck with that.
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