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Originally Posted by timetec View Post
You should be able to get replacement OV9712 CMOS modules for the #11 without any problems directly from digitalele889 or eletoponline365 - for about $8 each.

If you were thinking of adding a PCB connector to the #11's PCB to allow the removal and replacement of the CMOS module, I honestly think you can forget it.
This would be a great addition, but the pitch of the Flexible Printed Circuit on the #11 module is 0.635mm (the same as SSOP IC's) - but non-standard for FFC connectors.
I did however find one supplier in China offering FFC / FPC connectors with a pitch of 0.625mm - very close, but I've never heard back from them. Link HERE :

Good luck in your quest - Richard
Originally Posted by Giorg View Post
Now I remember! We have already talked about your unhappily glued module!

What a bad news! Maybe you can dissect the internal CMOS and see if you can reach directly a soldering point to recreate the broken connection.

We are taking more about medical surgery than electronics

Maybe there's someone around with a bricked cam that wants to donate it to science

Post a picture of the damage.. maybe we could find a way round. I've a cam that it's running strong after a pin pad reconstruction
I'm still tinkering, but will most probably order a new CMOS module and see if that will fix my problem.

I don't think the lifted track is bad at all. I've remove the glue remains with lots of acetone and soaking... The CMOS tracks are very long and I expect I can solder the cable without repairing the track, maybe I'll have to add a short extension. I'll have to clean up the tracks a bit first. Also I like timetec's idea about adding an FFC connector - too bad it would be non-standard. I don't know how he found that site, and most probably they won't sell one or two samples anyway!

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