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Originally Posted by prefabu View Post
Right. I'm sure the people behind New Coke and Netflix Qwikster felt the same way.

Not all redesigns are improvements, and beta periods don't help when the goal itself is flawed. I'm curious about the impetus for the redesign. I've never read any complaints about the appearance of RCG (well, not until I read some of the comments about the new design in this thread).

The existing design is kind of boring, and that's perfect. I think it's one of the reason RCG is so popular: It stays out of the way and lets the content get the attention. It lacks some features, and I can certainly see why you would want to make improvements there, but that seems to be what has been ignored. Instead, the focus has been on cosmetic changes that actually detract from the experience. That's not to say it's ugly. It's not, but the bold colors and high contrast are more like ads. You do know how popular ads are, don't you?

As I said the point of the beta period is to identify any problem or issues people have with the redesign. When it came out a lot of people complained about the fixed width of the forum that was previously elastic. Now you can choose between both. This was by far the main issue with the redesign.

You do realise that plenty of websites redesign because they need to keep an updated a modern look in order to attract new members and they need to make it easier for new users to find content. The old rcroups style was functional but the style was exactly the same as any default php forum template with a phew changes to the header so it was pretty boring. The layout of rcgroups hasent actually changed a great deal, if it did plenty of rcgroups members like you would be up in arms about how you want it back so mostly yes the redesign was mostly cosmetic and theres nothing wrong with that. Trust me you probably hate the design now but it just takes time until you end up prefering it.
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