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Hey guys -

I have mounted my Crius MultiWii SE to a "Goodluckbuy X525 Frame".

My ESC's are HK BlueSeries 30a that have been flashed with SimonK's modified firmware for 'RapidDrive'. My motors are some RC Tiger MT2814 (710KV) motors (these motors are reportedly very, very similar in characteristics to the AVRotos). I am using 10x4.5 "Gemfan-style" props.

I have successfully setup the bird in Quad-X, and I first set the 'throws' on my transmitter to match 1095/1500/1905. I did this because I read it on the Multiwiicopter website. Now I see that instead they should be setup as 1000/1500/2000. So, I changed it.

After resetting the TX endpoints, I re-calibrated the ESC throttle range just to be sure.

My problem is that in my ground tests, when I arm the board the blue light comes on but the props do not spin until throttle gets up to maybe 20% or so. More specifically, the motors do not start until my throttle gets up to roughly 1130 - 1150 or so (in the GUI). That is not a big problem to me, but I wonder if it is causing my problem.

Also - when I test full yaw I notice that two motors will stop altogether.

To clarify, when I push the yaw stick all the way to the right, the front left and the rear right motors stop - they don't just slow down, they stop.

The resulting flight test showed me a bird that flew ok, not great but ok. But - of all of the parameters to have go weird on these things mine was Z axis! It seemed to arbitrarily jump up or down about a foot at a time. YEs, of course I made SURE the Baro was not activated. That was not the problem. I am very suspicious that my problem is the motors stopping.

I did not modify the firmware on my board at all. I suspect that I need to change my 'min throttle' level?

I would welcome some feedback as to whether the motor stopping thing is (or could be) the problem.

(It could also be that I did not even try to balance the props, but I've not seen symptoms like that from unbalanced props before.

Also, with all of the talk regarding the many different ways to edit the *.pde file, I am no longer clear on whether the definition for Crius MultiWii SE needs work or not.

Can anyone help me out here, or have I rambled too long?
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