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when you tear off the original wires of your scorpion, you may have noticed that there are crossing-over turns, which may have affected its Kv. My experiences is that a true "6 turns delta" winding (no crossing over turns of wires) of a scorpion 4035 (12N8P version), will give 10XX Kv (my rewinded Kv is 1073), while the original "6 turns delta" 4035 12N8P scorpion is rated 800Kv.

I have also done three 4025 rewinding job, my results also shows about 150-250 more on Kv number than the original winding, rewinded with "same" number of turns.

to note that "6 turns delta" means 6 turns of wires in each slot, 3 wires terminated as delta.
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