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109D almost burned down our house!!!

Yes the title says it all! I just got home from the flying field and I started to charge my Lipoly's from when I flew today. I charged a 3 cell 1320 TP with no problem, 2 TP 2100 3 Cells without a problem and the last pack I just started charging was a TP 2100 3 Cell that I ran for about 5 minutes at 7 amps (it was getting dark). I am downstairs working on my airplane stuff. Wll I decided go to get me something to drink from upstairs. I am gone maybe 3-4 minutes MAX possibly even shorter. I come down and the entire downstairs is filled with smoke, I run to get the fire extinguisher and I rush to my airplane table; I see a 3 foot flame, my battery is in about a million parts ashes are everywhere about a four foot circle. The worst part about his is that 2 gallons of nitro fuel were a good 6 feet away and there were airplanes hanging above where I was charging. It burned up my drill, or I shoud say melted, it burned through my cutting mat, it destroyed my drywall board (this helped a lot in keeping it contained). It metled some covering on a few airplanes. BUT all of this is the least of my worries I caught the fire before it burned down my house! I am more than happy and consider myself lucky to only have to replace a 109D and another TP 2100.

I currenty have 10 TP Batteries, 2 109D's and 1 Triton. I have charged over 80 packs on each of the 109's and over a 100 on my Trition. I have never had a problem until today. In fact I was telling a guy at the flying field how much I loved the 109 and how I though it was probably the best bang for the buck.

Here is what the charger said on the screen, this isn't word for word just what I can remember: Error 4C1 and that's all I can remember.

The pictures are after the major clean-up. I didn't even think of a camera until it was all over with.

Just be extra careful when charging. I have been using lipolys since the first kokam 1020's came out and I have never had a problem. Just be careful.

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