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Originally Posted by simo71 View Post
Received the Pitts today...It's pretty sizeable compared to my 1100's.

1/Fit & finish is pretty good
2/Carbon spars in top & bottom wing, wings need to be joined with glue. Wings can be removed for transport, I'd say 10 minutes each for removing & fitting.
3/ Cowl is held in place with magnets for easy access to motor.
4/ Ply motor mount as well as battery tray.
5/ Nice solid prop blades, held in place with nyloc nuts.

With my 4s 2650's it is still rather tail heavy (CG is on the carbon spar on top wing)

Servos are in place in each wing but need to be glued, I guess this is a good thing as you know that enough glue is in place.

More to come.
Thanks so much for that report.

Interesting that wings can be removed. Even makes storage easier.
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