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The Slicko SL is 6mm epp,the easiest way to keep weight down in a airframe without milling or fancy build methods is component selection. Ive seen many posts of people flying the same epp planes i am coming out much heavier than mine came out and they ask how did you get yours so light? After looking at there set ups the answer is easy.. Components most of the time. Some have had planes that can be built at 6oz but theirs come out at 8oz because they use a 800mah pack or large receivers and servos etc. The best way to have a plane fly well and come in at the spec weight from the manufacturer is to use gear that falls into the same specs on weight as suggested. I usually fly a few set ups in just about every epp plane i have.. higher powered to lightly powered usually and then decide on a set up for the particular plane based on flight characteristics and overall feel with different wingloadings and power levels. The slicko sl i set up strictly for indoor at a fairly light weight but the standard 9mm slicko i like better with more weight and power for outdoors at 6-6.5oz. Hope that helps,BTW the spirit was a really nice f3p style plane and precise.. i had one quite a while back and flew it at 7.2oz and all the way down to 5.9oz auw. If you wanted to use UMX extra 300 gear in a epp plane the airframe would have to be much smaller than the 32'' slicko.
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