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Originally Posted by Oryon View Post
Im making a test stand now, in which i built a platform of lightweight ply which the plane rests on, preferably gear up, but can work with gear down if sized appropriately.
there are 2 vertical posts, (I used 1/2 inch dowls) wrapped in rubber neoprene to protect the finish. The plane rests on the platform, witht he wings against the vertical posts.
At the back of the platform beneath it, is a small hook, from which a piece of string is attached (make sure yoru string is strong enough)
To this string, then is tied a 20lb fish scale, the other end of the fish scale, is then tied to either a post on my porch, or a stake in the ground.

For wheels I attached 2 sets of old aluminum landing gear/wheels.

This will let you measure your static thrust installed, pretty simply, just keep in mind there is a slight discrepancy, as this fails to take into account the rolling resistance of your rig, though im not sure how significant that would be.

Once I have it completed, ill post photos.

The most important thing is to make sure the exhaust thrust line is horizontal ie exactly parallel with the ground or it will be pushing into the ground or trying to lift both of which will seriously reduce your thrust figure.
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