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Hey Guys, I bought a brand new BNF UM Corsair last summer and was thoroghly disapointed with it. Right out of the box it was uncontrolable under power. I spent many hours reading thru this thread trying to figure out what might be wrong with my plane. Tried the extra 2g of weight on the nose. Tried detuning the controls in the radio to 50% dual-rates, no change. OK, stepping up from my Champ, maybe it's just to advanced for my skill level.

I discovered by accident the stock 150mAh battery didn't have enough "something" to run the motor and flight controls at the same time. Under power, the flight controls would jump to full deflection after about 75% control input. Then after releasing the stick, they would jump to half deflection and stay there for about 5 seconds before returning to neutral. After cutting the Throttle to prepare for a crash landing, I could regain flight control and dead stick in from there. Not excactly something that showed up on a pre-flight.
(Throttle - up/down - check, flight controls - check. Ok, we're bound up and good to go.)

One of my flying buddies suggested I try a 1S 240mAh. I plugged in the battery, ran it up to full throttle and all control surfaces operated smoothly, OH YEA! Now that's what it's supposed to do. Something still not right though. It should run fine on the stock battery.
Not wanting to hack up the fuselage to run the 240, I taped two 130mAh together and ran them in parallel. After gluing the torn wing, aileron servo, and replacing the prop I took it out today and it flew just beautiful. It seemed a little under powered though. I had to keep about 75% throttle just to maintain level flight but at least it's not headed for the trash can. I guess today would qualify as a maiden.

Thanks for all the good info, Corky
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