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Originally Posted by Sprode View Post
I appreciate a prompt reply and a good explanation. I removed the head of my heli, and the upper shaft is not spinning at all. I looked at the gears, and they are all spinning except for the bottom bull gear in the center. It looks like it may have been supposed to be contacting with the spur gear in the rear gear-stack. Could those two have come out of alignment somehow?

Do I need to pull the shaft and realign the gears or did I done broke somethin? Hope my pics show...
Well, that explains a lot. And your pictures were helpful. The reason that your inner shaft is not spinning is because that the bottom gear is not making contact with the middle gear. You could clearly see that in the picture. How it got to that state is beyond me? I keep looking at KB's picture, your pictures and my helicopter and ask how did...? Then it hit me.

I'm sorry to say that you got a S107 clone. (Where did you buy that from?) That round charge hole was a dead give away. And if I'm reading the reflection right, your PCB is green, and not the red genuine S107R5. In the red board there is a hole in the middle for the inner shaft and it prevents the bottom gear to drop too low. I don't know what your green board does. Also, my main frame position the middle gear a bit lower than yours, also prevents the two gears to miss.

The only thing I could suggest now if for you to try to reposition the gears so that they would make contact. It might be easier if you could disassemble your helicopter to the point like HB's picture, where you have clean access to the gears. The top gear is attached to the outer shaft and the lower blades. If I were you, I would grab hold of the top white gear, then use the other hand to hold the lower blade holder, while twisting, push down and try to shorten the distance between the lower blade holder and the top gear. This is to make room for the upper blade. Now, the bottom white gear is connected to the inner shaft and the upper blade holder. (If you haven't already done so, reassemble the head rotor first). Now, grab that bottom white gear, and with the other hand twist and pull down the inner shaft. Hopefully, by doing that, you would raise the bottom gear just high enough to make contact with the middle gear. Otherwise, you'd have to pull the middle gear out and add a tiny washer, because your frame is a bit short.

To make a long story short, you're trying to close the gap between the bottom gear and the middle gear that drives it. As of now, they are not making contact. You have to find where the play is coming from and tighten it up. When the middle gear mashes with the bottom gear, your helicopter will lift off.
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