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Originally Posted by Heli Pad View Post
Check and see if your upper blades are dead not spinning, or spinning up slowly. If it is not spinning at all, something is broken. If it is spinning up slowing, something is missing. Pay special attention to the gears, if all the gears seem to be spinning fast and at about the same speed, your motors and gears are okay. A common problem is the rotor head slipping, not locking tightly to the inner shaft (which you cannot see). Try re-seating the upper head and see if it cures the problem.

Here's what you need to do. There are two locking screw just below the top flybar. Loosen them and then pull the entire head assembly straight up and off the shaft. Now that you have a clear view of the shaft, notice that there is a cut notch near the top, about 2mm of the end. That's where the locking screws should be locking. If the screw is not locking on this surface, or it is somehow loose, the shaft would be spinning, but the energy is not transferred to the blades. So, carefully line up the notch and one of the screws, slip the head assembly all the way down, then tighten both locking screws, one on the flat surface, the other behind it. If you've done that right, you'd have fixed your helicopter.
I appreciate a prompt reply and a good explanation. I removed the head of my heli, and the upper shaft is not spinning at all. I looked at the gears, and they are all spinning except for the bottom bull gear in the center. It looks like it may have been supposed to be contacting with the spur gear in the rear gear-stack. Could those two have come out of alignment somehow?

I'm looking at

And I am seeing this

Do I need to pull the shaft and realign the gears or did I done broke somethin? Hope my pics show...
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