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Originally Posted by cgpirre View Post
I have a tall tin can, I try landing on top of it. Or, and this is tricky, hook the tail on the edge of the can, without dropping the copter. I'll try filming it this weekend
I'm using a 5" diameter can o peanuts. Yeah, I'm kicking around ideas for extra-point situations for the touch n go game. A tail touch was one but it might be hard to prove that it wasn't lucky. That's still a good one for personal practice. Looking forward to the vid!

Originally Posted by nemebean View Post
I've been trying to land on every flat surface in my house. The couches and chairs are tricky because you get prop wash coming off the back of the chair and bouncing you around.

Also, if you want to add a bit of difficulty to navigating the tight spaces, take off the unnecessary tail pieces so the cg moves forward and it won't hover completely still. Makes things a bit more exciting when you know you can't just stop and regroup if you get into trouble.

If you just want something different, try taking out the weights in the balance bar. It makes the helicopter super unstable, which can be fun in its own right. Heck, when everybody got these at Christmas, I think we had almost as much fun with the crappy ones somebody bought that had bad gyros as we did with the S107. It's a challenge to keep control of a helicopter that won't stop spinning, except at certain throttle positions (not that that will happen to an S107, but it's kind of the same general idea).
Yup! A trained eye would notice my place has been re-arranged for copter landings. Even before, if it was flat it was a landing pad
I noticed that when you remove the larger tail feather, the copter is less prone to prop wash. So, with that, I adjusted the battery a bit to account for the different CG and I have a very slight forward tendency at a hover. They seem easier to land that way. Shame it takes away from their looks.

Originally Posted by Heli Pad View Post
Have you tried landing on your own head, yet? NO, DON'T DO THAT.
I mis-read that at first. You said DON'T do that. Maybe that would account for my baldness..?
I did experience the power of the rotating blades a few days ago during a fly-by. A warning to all; make sure all nipples are covered and well away from the flight path. yeeouch!
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