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Originally Posted by blakevan View Post
Is that an air brake Doc?
It sure works like one. I've never had a plane that I can just plain stop dead in the air simply by hammering the elevator.

I've knocked the rudder off my current MXS several times in low level walls when I didn't leave enough room bwetween the plane and the ground. The Extra will climb just a little in a medium speed wall, but the MXS simply throws the tail under the airplane, and maybe even drops a little. Pitch authoity is just plain sick.

The project blue MXS got KE spun into the dirt yesterday and it broke an elevator counter balance. It's repaired, but remember this is the same plane that had the flightbox fall on and crush the other elevator half. It's also been landed upside down, cartwheeled, etc. It's getting so beat up from the unreasonable abuse that it's got to be close to retirement time.

I'm taking it to the Manatee Radio Control fly-in later and will probably try to finish her off in a blaze of glory.
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