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Originally Posted by stormforce View Post

Don't change just because it may be the norm in Australia to use mode 1, if you use mode 1, fair enough, but if you already use mode 2, stick with the way you have already learnt. That way, the transition from Mode 2 - 4 channel Fixed Pitch to Mode 2 - 6 channel Collective Pitch will feel just as natural, if you wish to go that way. Your instinctive anticipation, in conjunction with your natural reflexes, will already be well honed on the 4ch FP.

Make a decision which mode to go with, then stick to it, it's less confusing and frustrating for you that way.
Hi Mick everyone I know who fly helli's and planes in Australia thoughout the RC clubs and comunity use mode 2 mode 1 is vertualy phazed out and was taken from the europian influence in Australia in the early days of RC but now if you go into any RC Hobby shop all TX units are in mode 2 and if they get in a mode 1 TX then they convert it to mode 2 but for some unkown reson all 3ch come in mode 4 which is very silly as then you have to change your hole way of thinking to go to a 4ch or 6ch and this is where it becomes a big problem haveing to lean all over again. But if you are still undesided then my advice to you is to ring a few hobby shops and ask them which one to use either mode 1 or 2.
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